Our Story


My name is Yurai, and I am the owner of Midori Pet Gear. With the help of my mother, Juanita, I am able to fulfill all incoming orders.

How it all began:

It all started with my younger brother wanting a dog for years. Although it took months, we finally got him the dog he wanted sometime in November 2016, and named her Midori. However, she needed her walking gear. I remember my brother coming up to me requesting a collar and a long leash the color of his dog's name, which means Green, but he wanted it handmade. At the time, I was interested in crochet. I happened to see a pattern for a bracelet made of paracord, leading to researching paracord collars and leashes. I showed him what I had found, and he liked them, so I began my journey learning how to make paracord collars and leashes. When I got to the leash, I realized that the pattern for the leashes that I found looked uncomfortable. So I modified the design for the leash to make a comfortable, sturdy leash. In the end, Midori and my younger brother enjoyed them. Especially Midori, since every time she hears her collar make noise from the clanging dog tags, she excitedly runs towards it expectantly.

Well, a few years pass, and we ended up getting another dog and a cat, who also needed a collar. So I made one for the newest members, and while I was making it, I decided to make one for mine, who needed a new one anyway. During this process, I realized it would be great if others could enjoy these lightweight, sturdy, stylish leashes and collars. So with the encouragement of my family, Midori Pet Gear was born named after Midori, who began the journey in paracord and handcrafted pet gear.

          4 month old Midori (Nov 2016)                                                                       5 yr old Midori (March 2022)


                                                                Midori, forever in our hearts and never forgotten.